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September 06, 2019

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So few days ago i had to market my new instagram account, i needed to post every hour or so. and instagram doesn’t exactly help with bulk posting especially from PC, and it was frustrating to do from mobile and instagram never suppoted uploading from desktop. so i got fed up and decided to write a simple script that will take a photo, caption and a timer.

The script will sleep for the amount of specified time and after that post the photos,(yes i could’ve done this on an async way but ain’t nobody got time for that), anyway i had to find a way to upload phots from pc and as a linux user i just googled instagram cli (works all the time) and boom here is instapy a cli tool that uploads photos or videos with a caption.

Exactly what the doctor ordered, now it was time to write a wrapper that will accept those argument’s and foreword them to instapy. at first i thought bash will do the trick since i am a big bash fan (checkout my scripts btw), but there was this weird issue with captions where only the first word will be posted (issue already opened).

my only option now was python, i am not a fan of python (i am the java guy) but modern problems require modern solutions, i wrote the script in python and it was easy enough that i wrote some help documentation.

Previous Way

  • find the product
  • download photos
  • if photos not high quality go back to supplier images
  • send phots to my self via telegram
  • copy and send description via telegram
  • open my phone and download the photos and copy caption
  • open up preview and set up the posts with captions hashtags etc
  • wait for the time notification and then manually post

The thug life

With this i just provide a photo a .txt with the caption and a number to post the photo after (60 min, 120 min etc), and now i can chill out and watch more random psychology stuff on Youtube.
the only caveat is you can only upload one photo per post but that should do fine for now.

import sys
import time
from instapy_cli import client
# check if there are no args
if len(sys.argv) < 2:
    print("Empty Arguments!")
    print("Please select a pic, caption file and delay")
    print("example usage python3 photo.png caption.txt 1")
    print("delay has to be > 0")
    print("tip: attach the process to the terminal or disown it when you have a timer (it will upload after whatever time you set)")
username = 'USERNAME'
password = 'PASSWORD'
image = sys.argv[1]
captionfile = sys.argv[2]
delay = sys.argv[3]
with open(captionfile, 'r') as file:
    caption =
with client(username, password) as cli:
    time.sleep(int(delay) * 60)
    cli.upload(image, caption)

this is an example of making laziness work on your favour, i still cant imagine myself posting those images one by one like bruh.
and again

modern problems require modern solutions

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