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September 13, 2019

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Its been a while since the last release, exactly 2 months and 2 weeks and its about time this gets out so i can focus on this semester. This is not the biggest release nor the one with the most changes, but its definitely the one which had me testing for the longest because of the nature of the changes.

A total of over 700 commits (excluding upstreams), so this had to be tested for a while, changelog includes many small changes like the optimizations done to usual kernel routines.

A big change in this release is to camera, nibba lau figured that out, focus issues are fixed, HDR processing is kinda faster, the view finder isn’t lagging like before, if you’re a camera guy (like this device is good at that LMAO) this release is for you.
I thought wireguard was there on the last build because of their script oh well it wasn’t so its here now.
anyway the main focus is again those small changes, don’t expect a dramatic change in battery or performance but its better on both aspects,we have a kanged energy model which plays very well with EAS.

The shift from android’s LMK to simple LMK makes low memory handling better and easier on the processor, so no more freezes when you have low memory, new fingerprint boost driver improves unlock speeds especially from wakeup when the screen is off.
and thats all for now nibbas, another release and another name people will spell wrong (this been happening since cuarto smh), names and labels don’t matter either ways, this is lit so enjoy it!.

Still there are no actual profiles because i didn’t get the time to learn how magisk modules work, some people have created their own profiles which is good, if you want custom profiles check out nibba Ken’s channel.

Full changelog and download here:

Downloads Page

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