KDE Plasma Themes

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a bunch of themes i made when i was using plasma


some are spin offs of themes i liked but with different icons, colors etc
but mostly a theme with a custom set of icons


  • Aex Nomad: half transparent rounded corners shadowed macOS looking like theme (personal favorite).
  • Aex Nomad Dark: half transparent rounded corners Dark shadowed macOS looking like theme (Made cuz people kept asking for dark variant).
  • Breeze No Shadow Antu: default kde breeze theme without panel shadows and with icons from antu icon theme (i had a thing for antu icons).
  • Breeze Transparent Nomad: default kde breeze theme without shadows and a lil bit of transparency and nomad project icons (until i found Nitrux).


Arch users:

all the themes are available in the aur (thanks to omni).

yay -S theme-name

this will install the desired theme and then you can choose them in plasma settings

From source:
  • clone the repo git clone https://github.com/Blacksuan19/Plasma-Themes.git
  • copy the desired theme folder to $HOME/.local/share/plasma/desktoptheme/
  • select theme from plasma settings


Aex Nomad:

Aex Nomad Dark:

Breeze No Shadow Antu(widgets):

Breeze Transparent Nomad:

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