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Modern Vim distributions are really huge and bloated with way too many fancy features that you won’t ever use or need, for example directory trees like Nerd tree, you don’t need a tree, you can view a project structure with fzf which is faster and has search. Another example is ThinkVim has a separate extension for formatting while also having ALE which can do that as well, this double functionality is very common, thats one of the things this distro avoids, KISS!


  • Single file (you don’t want your dotfiles to be all Vim script)
  • Super minimal (~400 lines)
  • Super fast startup (less than 40ms!)
  • Lazy loading plugins
  • Highly customizable
  • Beautiful Material ocean color scheme
  • Various IDE features via coc.nvim
  • Smooth Scrolling (its really smooth!)
  • Fully integrated with fzf (see demos)
  • Live Markdown preview
  • Simple, Intuitive shortcuts

Supported Languages

Neovim provides support for a wide range of languages by default. There is also support for:


  • Linux (not tested on other platforms)
  • Neovim (you can try regular Vim)
  • Properly set up environment


To check if your current environment is correctly set up run :CheckHealth.


  • python3: pip3 install --user pynvim
  • javascript: yarn global add neovim



After installing the requirements:

  • git clone https://github.com/Blacksuan19/init.nvim ~/.config/nvim
  • Start nvim and it will do the rest
  • press enter if there are any errors (don’t worry its fine)


Thanks to vim-plug the plugins are lazy loaded (anything that is not needed for the current buffer is not loaded) for example opening a python file means all other non python related plugins are not loaded. Coc extensions are lazy loaded as well, they work the same way as vim-plug plugins.

Plugin Functionality
vim-airline airline status line
devicons icons everywhere
rainbow rainbow parenthesis
vim-material material themes
coc.nvim async completion and more
fzf.vim fuzzy finder vim integration
vim-snippets snippets for many languages
indentLine auto indent lines
vim-liquid liquid language support
vim-commentary better comments everywhere
vim-startify cool startup thingy
vim-fugitive best git integration around
vim-sandwich surround stuff with stuff
vim-smoothie super smooth scrolling
tmux-navigator seamless movement between Vim and tmux panes
tmux-complete tmux panes completion
vim-eunuch some common Linux commands
semshi better highlighting for python
markdown-preview live markdown preview
vim-MvVis move visual selection

Keyboard shortcuts

To learn the default Vim shortcuts run Tutor and or checkout this vim adventures.


Mapping functionality
; commands key
, leader key
leader + r reload nvim config
leader + w save changes
leader + e call :PlugInstall (install plug-ins)
Enter enter empty line in normal mode
F2 trim white spaces
F6 open Startify

Visual Mode Essentials

Mapping functionality
ctrl + j move selected text to bottom
ctrl + k move selected text to top
ctrl + h move selected text to the left
ctrl + l move selected text to the right

ctrl + hjkl navigation also supports tmux panes.

Mapping functionality
leader + q close tab
ctrl + q close all buffers and exit
ctrl + l move to the split on the right
ctrl + k move the split above
ctrl + j move to the split on below
ctrl + h move the split to the left
Tab switch to the next buffer(normal mode)
S-Tab switch to the previous buffer

IDE Features

Mapping functionality
leader + o organize imports
leader + a run cocAction on what’s undercursor
leader + s format file with available formatter
leader + rn rename globally
leader + jd jump to definition
leader + jy jump to type definition
leader + ji jump to implementation
leader + jr jump to references
ctrl + a highlight for multi cursor selection
shift + k show current symbol documentation
]g next diagnostic
[g Previous diagnostic


Mapping functionality
F3 show list of devices
F4 show list of emulators
F5 start development server (flutter run)

FZF windows

Mapping functionality
leader + f files viewer
leader + c show editor commands
leader + / search in current folder files
leader + sh search / history
leader + b show open buffers
leader + t search current file tags
F1 show keyboard shortcuts for current mode


these only work on an open fzf window

Mapping Functionality
C-x open file in horizontal split
C-v open file in vertical split
C-t open file in new tab


Mapping functionality
leader + gd git diff split
leader + gc git commits
leader + gb git blame
leader + gs git status in fzf window

Custom commands

Command Functionality
Format format file with any available formatter
OR organize imports
Rg advanced Grep


Since the file is pretty small its very easy to interpret by even those who don’t have any knowledge about vim script, most of the sections have comments about their functionality, and can be removed, commented out or swapped easily, there are some defaults that are not everyone’s cup of tea (after all this is highly opinionated).

  • Disabling Plugins: comment out the plug’s ‘Plugin/name’ line from config and also remove the plugin settings

  • Disabling CoC Plugins: comment out the plugin from coc_global_extensions variable and uninstall it via :CocUninstall plugin name

  • Installing CoC plugins: open :CocList and search for marketplace, you can find all available plugins here

  • Adding Bookmarks: to add bookmarks to the start page, find g:startify_bookmarks in init.nvim and add the new bookmark just like the already present ones, the dictionary key is the shortcut you will use to quickly jump to that folder from the start page and the value is the path to targeted folder

for more customizations read throw the config file, there are comments everywhere and its easy to interpret, you can also checkout the linked github page for each plugin for even more options.


Project files with fzf

fzf preview

Project wide search with fzf

Rg preview

Git Status

git status

workflow demo


All the Credit goes to the Neovim team for making most of the extensions possible and better (async), and to all the plugins developers, and the hackers who spend time Finding good shortcuts and tricks to make this an even more superb experience.

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